About Services

I can help you get another chance at life.

I usually suggest that someone interested in therapy has an initial conversation without charge where we can discuss the challenges that you feel you are facing and how we may work together to help you resolve them. There is time for questions and any concerns you may have.

Practicalities such as session times and frequency will also be discussed.

I am available in person and can visit you if transportation is difficult, by video call or telephone.


How it looks like?

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Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free 20 minutes consultation where we can discuss your needs, see whether I offer the right support and for us to agree next steps.

Standard Sessions

My standard (45 mins) session fee is £55. Due to the current economic climate I offer concessionary fees on a case by case basis, and a sliding fee range depending on your own circumstances. We can discuss this in our initial consultation.

One off Sessions

My fee for an extended one-off 2 hour (100 mins) consultation is £120.


Payments are done online via bank transfer or PayPal and need to be received on the day of our consultation. I am available in person by video call or telephone.