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What is Pluralistic therapy?

Pluralistic psychotherapy is a collaborative model of psychological support that begins with the assumption that it is unlikely that there is a “one size fits all” psychotherapeutic or counselling approach that is suitable for all clients and the varied issues and difficulties that they want to resolve.

Carole Ward


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Pluralistic psychotherapy  works on the basis that psychotherapists should be able to use a wide range of different psychotherapy and counselling methods and techniques in order to best meet the needs of a client. This type of therapy is truly personal to an individuals needs and is led by you the client where decisions and goals are reached together in a collaborative process.  I believe that if a client is part of their journey to healing then that gives the control and power to them which will then be long lasting and sustainable and something that can be used as and when is needed in future times of stress.  

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If you feel that this type of psychotherapy is something that might be the best approach for you and will enable you to work through the challenges that you face then please get in touch and we can arrange an initial meeting either online on the phone or in person in Lancashire UK.


What They say about me

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You have been an absolute joy, each every time we have spoken and I have felt truly uplifted following each of our sessions. By the same token, I am indeed thankful to have had you alongside me on this journey. With your gentle guidance and support I am more the person I was, albeit the improved version. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Louise September 2022

Carole, thank you so much, you’ve been such a massive help and have helped put a smile on my face, i will truly miss our chats. Thank you for listening to me. I wish you lots of love, health and happiness too.

Celina October 2022

I cant thank you enough - i am the best i have ever been - i cant believe the transformation

James October 2022